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Live Lobster & Noodles

Cooked your way


Seafood Medley

Cooked your way.


Clam Fest

Prepared your way.


Big T

Live lobsters.


Big T

Live crabs


Fresh seafood cooked your way

No added salt, MSG, all natural flavors

Heart Healthy

Only natural ingredients

Fresh Daily

Guaranteed freshness in your seafood

Sustainable Seafood

Sourced from sustainable seafood vendors

Beer & Wine

Custom blended beer & wine

Welcome to Big T's

Seafood Market Bar

Order online at http://eat24hrs.com/restaurants/order2/menu.php?id=43855 Big T
Come join us for Happy Hour! Big T
Now serving fine liqueur. Big T

Our Popular Dishes

Must haves on your 1st visit!


Grilled with dash of sea salt

Prawns on a stick

Razor Clams

Razor Clams choose your sauce

Or enjoy it all natural

Japanese Clams

Japanese Clams fresh fresh fresh

Cooked your way

Lobster & Noodles

Lobster & Noodles must have

Our best seller


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